17 Year Sun

The Burning Dirty Band

An ice cream store for your brain- Ambitious "Abbey Road"-style melodicism, left-of-center indie explorations, and confident rock thump.

"17 Year Sun" has risen. The Burning Dirty Band's second full-length album will be the most surprising disc you'll hear all year.

What exactly is the 17 Year Sun? We say it's a blend of cicadas, impermanence, and moments of unexplainable clarity. The sonic inquisitiveness and diverse tastes of the BDB are fully realized in this sophomore studio effort. Shimmering fluorishes of guitar and keys mingle amicably with nimbly-stepping bass tones and rootsy, swaggering drum rhythms. The vocals and lyrics settle into an honest mood that is distinctly BDB.

www.kyndmusic.com calls 17 Year Sun "a blend of musical quirkiness, roots inspiration and a garage band's edge...an indescribable CD. Part groove, jazz, downright weirdness and mountain psychedelics, it is a journey of tightly composed jams and loose mellow riffs"

Recorded at Sauceland, the BDB again employ Steve West (Pavement, Marble Valley) as producer, engineer, and advisor in all things dirty. West helps Cory Garman, Ben Whitlock, Ryan Steele, and Jereme Steele fully realize their vision of a complete album, flowing through moods and textures effortlessly. 17 Year Sun speaks with the authority of seasoned songcrafters, tempered with the BDB's irreverent prankster personalities and undeniable sense for an eardrum-pleasing melody.

Defy conventional wisdom. Stare directly at this sun and surprise yourself.

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    Teeth 3:00
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    Worms 5:20
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