Virginia Valley Independent Rock

The facts. You don't like fake mashed potatoes. You don't love those imitators. You want something real. Something original for your discriminating mind. Something for every emotion. For the health of your total being. That is why you have chosen Dirty. We never serve fake potatoes. Just heaping helpings of something you've never had before, that you can't get anywhere else. Yum.

Name: The Burning Dirty Band


Josh Ball (drums, percussion)

Cory Garman (guitar, vocals, synths/processors)

Jereme Steele (keyboards, vocals, synths)

Ben Whitlock (bass, vocals, synths/sampler)

Age: 14+

Sex: XY

Fighting out of: The Apple Capital

Likes: Outdoor cookery, hangovers, spirited amateurism, being contrary, self-deprecation, satellite spotting, knob tweaking, team sports, art- both in the general sense as well as the kind you hang on walls, moving forward, that exquisite Goldilocks Zone between disorienting experimentation and the comfort of pop accessibility, persistence.

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