In which the band offers some thoughts about "Red Velvet" 

We're awfully excited about our new vinyl LP "Red Velvet". Here's a little track-by-track breakdown with the band's behind the scenes personal commentary.


Cory: I wrote the lyrics and main hook to this song while thinking about going out on the town and raising hell all night, inspired by that little voice inside your head that tells you that you are invincible.  The irony in the song is that eventually reality will set in and you’ll crash, whether that is puking your guts out or getting your…

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Burning Dirty Band: The Teenage Years 

Thirteen is called "unlucky" by the unimaginative. The Burning Dirty Band prefers to embrace other aspects of this auspicious number as we celebrate our thirteenth birthday. The bonus in the baker's dozen. A boy becoming a man. White stars on a flag that launched a revolution. Since the spring of 2000, the Burning Dirty Band has been restlessly experimenting in Virginia's valley country, proudly crafting a distinctive rock sound as trends have risen and faded in the meantime. Original songwriting has…

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"Dark Side of the Moon" Revisited 

I think like most of us music fans who get into Pink Floyd, Dark Side of the Moon was the album that wormed its way most deeply into my consciousness, a subtle kind of infiltration that manifested itself prominently during my late teenage years. It's an album with a tremendous kind of seductive power and those heady years between 16-19 seems to be the age when almost everyone identifies strongly with the sentiments DSOTM covers: alienation, mental anguish, and the thoroughly unfair cold human facts of…

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I know what you are thinking... 

You're thinking "Why is there no Burning Dirty Band movie?" Also, "What would a movie made by the Burning Dirty Band be rated?" And lastly, "Why would a bunch of hillbillies from the VA sticks want to make a movie?" Well, we're making a movie with our good friend Jim T. Rated? "Unrated". Because we say so, and we've got a ton of live footage plus new and unreleased material. You're going to love it. You're going to want a copy. You're going to wish all bands with names as ridiculous as ours made…

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