Burning Dirty Band: The Teenage Years

Thirteen is called "unlucky" by the unimaginative. The Burning Dirty Band prefers to embrace other aspects of this auspicious number as we celebrate our thirteenth birthday. The bonus in the baker's dozen. A boy becoming a man. White stars on a flag that launched a revolution. Since the spring of 2000, the Burning Dirty Band has been restlessly experimenting in Virginia's valley country, proudly crafting a distinctive rock sound as trends have risen and faded in the meantime. Original songwriting has always been the focus, and thirteen years together has sharpened our senses and fostered a tightly knit group dynamic that can only come with such extensive experience. The thumping kick-drum heartbeat of rhythm and blues. The ferocious snarl of punk. The soundwave-warping surrealism of electronic music. The keen wit and genre-bending of so many of  our musical heroes: David Bowie, The Flaming Lips, The Clash, Pavement, Beck. We've distilled all of these influences into an original blend and allowed it to age for thirteen years. Come drink it up with us.

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