1. Bet

From the recording All Techniques Radio


Make a bet with me And I'll make a bet with you A little guessing game It's all worth the same in the end We sat like gentle kings The table stacked and drinks in hand We have everything, we could, ever want What the wager was Death between cousins and the fate of all man No restrictions made The cards were dealt before we played We never had a chance Our time is spent arguing like little kids Instead of thinking over everything we say And when it ends It all depends on selfishness Eating up every drop of heart in the land It's so insane to keep eating after you've bitten your plate I'm coming home to see what my wager has won You know it's always such a bitter thing to face I get nauseous thinking about everyone I love, everyone I know Lost in a grey tidal wave Or a big ball of flame And it's thoughts like these That make me believe in something to count on Something to count on, count on, count on, count on I"m counting on this Baby leave the lights on